Premium Quality Australian Sugar in Hong Kong (1kg for HK$9)

If you are looking for high quality sugar in Hong Kong, Taikoo may be the most recognized brand in Hong Kong. You may not know CSR as it is not widely known and available in Hong Kong. However, CSR Sugar is a household name for sugar in Australia. It was established in 1855, with over 160 years history. CSR Sugar was made in Australia using local cane sugar. The quality is very high.

I was surprised to find CSR Sugar is selling at rock bottom price in Hong Kong. The 1kg CSR white sugar or raw sugar is selling at PrizeMart for HK$9. The selling price is cheaper than you buy in Australia supermarket. Some grocer shops in Australia are selling the same pack for A$3.5 (HK$19).

Same pack of sugar selling in Australia for A$3.5 (HK$19)



CSR Sugar:

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