Sugar Almost 5X More Expensive at Fusion by ParknShop

I was surprised the price difference of the 1kg pack CSR Raw Sugar could be close to 5 times among local grocery shops.

The Australian-made 1kg CSR Raw Sugar is selling for HK$9 at PrizeMart. The same product is selling for HK$42.8 at Fusion by ParknShop.

Both shops are just 3 minute walking distance apart in North Point district.

Price at PrizeMart, North Point

Price at Fusion by ParknShop, North Point

Both shops are selling the sugar with long expiry date, exceeding 18-months. CSR, established in 1855, is a premium sugar brand in Australia. PrizeMart imports its products directly from Overseas and Fusion may have source its products from Hong Kong distributor. The price gap is just too extreme.

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