How to Make a Legitimate Will in Hong Kong

Making your own Will is not difficult and does not require a lawyer. Of course, a lawyer can draft a Will for you and be your witness at extra cost. If you don’t wish to draft your Will through a lawyer, you can prepare the Will yourself and sign it before at least 2 witnesses. Of course, there are certain formalities that you should follow in drafting a will.

Attached is the Will template with 2 examples. You can draft your own Will using the template. You shall state clearly in the Will how to distribute your assets amount your beneficiaries. The simplest way is the share the assets equally amount the beneficiaries (example 1). The second example is to distribute your assets in percentage terms among beneficiaries. You may also draft the Will with specific assets given to particular beneficiaries.

After the Will is ready, print your Will. If your Will contains more than 1 page, you should sign on each page to safeguard its integrity.

You need to find at least 2 witnesses to witness you sign the Will. Witness cannot be any of your beneficiaries. You must find third party to be your witness. Once you sign the Will in front of the witnesses with their signatures and personal information on the Will, the Will becomes valid.

Will Template
Example 1
Example 2


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