Growing Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a common herb in India and Southeast Asia. It is an essential ingredient for curry and can be used as mosquito repellent.

Lemongrass should be a seedless plant. Therefore, you cannot buy the lemongrass seeds. However, growing lemongrass is so easy. All you need is buying a few fresh lemongrass in vegetable market. Put the lemongrass root in water and the magic begins.

After one day, there are tiny roots emerging.

Another day passed and the roots are visible.

After two more days, the roots are very obvious.

You need to change the water daily. After 6 days, the roots should be long enough and you can plant the lemongrass in soil.

One shoot even has new bud already. The bud will grow into a new shoot.

When you transfer the lemongrass to pot, you should leave plenty of space between them. New buds will come up soon and take up the space.

Lemongrass loves the sun and water. You should plant lemongrass on locations with plenty of sunlight and water. After a month, new shoots will come out and you have a cluster of lemongrass.

If you need to split the lemongrass into a new pot, you pick a few shoots and repeat the process again. It is so simple and you never need to buy lemongrass again.

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