Activate Your Microsoft Office 2019 License for RedmiBook 14 II – Part 1

Xiaomi notebooks pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10 Home Simplified Chinese only. For foreign buyers attracted by its price, they can buy the notebook through online resellers. After they receive their notebook, the first thing they will do is usually wiping out the hard disk and install Microsoft Windows with their own language.

By doing so, you give up the complimentary Microsoft Office bundled with the notebook. The bundled Microsoft Office suite must be activated and linked to your Microsoft account first in order to use it for life. If you wipe out the installed Windows, you also let go the bundled Microsoft Office. This article showed the steps to setup the Microsoft Windows and activate the Microsoft Office suite in Chinese.

The screenshots used here were shown in Chinese and English for easy understanding. All you need to do is to follow the steps to configure Microsoft Windows in Chinese and activate Microsoft Office and link the license to your Microsoft account.

After you press the ON/OFF button at the top right corner, Microsoft Windows configuration starts and the first question is to choose your region. The system default selection should be China. You can accept the default or choose yours. I choose Hong Kong for the region (Refer to Figure 1)

Figure 1

Next is to select the keyboard layout. You can accept the system default selection for make the process easy.

Figure 2

The system then asks if you would like to add a second keyboard layout. Just choose “Skip”.

Figure 3

Next, we configure the WiFi connection. Select your own WiFi network.

Figure 4

Enter the password to connect to the internet.

Figure 5

Once we complete the WiFi connection, cllick “Next” to configure the user account.

Figure 6

You need to accept the Microsoft Windows 10 License Agreement before you can configure user setting.

Figure 7

Now, we can setup the user account for this notebook. Enter your Microsoft account and click “Next” to continue.

Figure 8

Enter the account password in the next screen.

Figure 9

If your Microsoft account has enabled 2-step verification, you will be ask to verify through email or mobile SMS. If you select email verification, enter your verification email address. If you choose SMS verification, enter your mobile number. Click “Next” to continue.

Figure 10

You should receive the verification email or SMS with the one-time verification code. Enter the verification code.

Figure 11

The system asks to create a PIN for sytem log in. Click “Create PIN”.

Figure 12

Key in your PIN twice and click “OK” to continue.

Figure 13

The next screen should be for privacy settings. Since you will soon wipe out the system completely. You can accept the default section.

Figure 14

The next questions is to setup the phoe access. Choose “Do it Later”.

Figure 15

For Microsoft OneDrive setup, choose “Only save files to this PC”.

Figure 16

The last question is to sign up for Microsoft 365. Click “No thanks”.

Figure 17

You have complete the Windows setup in Chinese. I placed the English version of the screenshots for easy reading. The next step is to claim your Microsoft Office license and you can use the office suite in any language for life.

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