Activate Your Microsoft Office 2019 License for RedmiBook 14 II – Part 2

Every Xiaomi notebook comes with a bundled Microsoft Office Home & Student Edition for life. The office suite does not have a paper license. It comes to you as part of the pre-installed Chinese Windows. You need to activate the license and link to your Microsoft account before you can use it forever. Here is the simple steps to claim your license.

You should have your RedmiBook Windows configuration completed first. If you haven’t, you should do so now.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student Edition is pre-installed with the Chinese Windows. After you configure the notebook, start Microsoft Excel or Word from the Start Menu.

Figure 1

When you start Microsoft Office the first time, the system shows the office license acceptance form in Chinese. Simply click the only button to accept the license agreement. By accepting the license agreement, Microsoft will link the office suite to your Microsoft account automatically. Of course, you need to connected to the internet first.

Figure 2

To verify you have claim the office license successfully. Click “帐户”, in English “Account”, as shown in Figure 3 on Excel.

Figure 3

You should see the Account information on the next screen. If it shows your Microsoft account on this page (circled in red). You should have your Microsoft Office license linked to your Microsoft account successfully.

Figure 4

Alternatively, you can visit Login with your Microsoft account. It should show you have the Office Home & Student 2019. This office license is for life. You can use the office suite with this notebook forever. There is no more to pay. You can proceed to the next step on wiping out everything on the notebook and install your own Windows with your choice language and Microsoft Office suite.

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