Prepare Microsoft Windows Installation Media for Installing on RedmiBook 14 II

RedmiBook 14 II comes with embedded digital license for Microsoft Windows Home edition. The license is valid for all languages. If you cannot use the pre-install Chinese Windows, you can always download the latest Windows 10 Home of your choice language from Microsoft website and install it yourself. The process is simple.

Figure 1

After you download the media creation tool, double-click to run the application. Select “Create installation media for another PC” when asked.

Figure 2

Next is to select the Windows language and edition. Uncheck “Use the recommended option for this PC” and choose your language.

Figure 3

You should have a blank USB flash drive of 8GB or more to create the installation media. You can the media creation tool to create the bootable USB drive directly. Or you can select ISO file and prepare the bootable drive through third party software, like Rufus.

Figure 4

To create the USB drive directly, plug a blank USB flash drive into the USB port and select USB flash drive and click “Next”.

Figure 5

When you click “Next”, Microsoft will download Windows and create the bootable drive for you.

Figure 6

Alternatively, you can choose to download the Windows media in ISO file and use third party software to create the bootable drive. To download the Windows in ISO file, select ISO file in Figure 4 and click “Next”.

Figure 7

You will be asked to save the Windows ISO file to the local hard disk.

After the ISO file is downloaded, you need to download Rufus, a bootable USB drive creating software from

Figure 8

Download the latest version. Plug a blank USB flash drive into a USB port and double-click to run Rufus.

First, select the flash drive. Select the Windows ISO file next. Then, choose GPT in the Partition scheme and UEFI in Target system. Finally, click “START” to create the bootable flash drive.

Once the bootable flash drive is created, you can proceed to re-install your notebook.

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