Hidden Star in the Latest Australian R-series Passport

Australia government released the latest R series passport in September 2022. I came across a copy and accidentally found hidden star on every pages but you need eagle eyes to catch it.

The visa pages showcase 17 iconic landscapes from around Australia and under ultraviolet light, the sky in each image becomes a unique nightscape, and a local species of native fauna appears.

Uluru featured on the centre pages
Under ultraviolet light changes to a nightscape with a kangaroo at bottom left

The following is the first two visa pages in the passport, showcasing Sydney Harbour. Can you spot the hidden star?

As mentioned, you need very sharp eyes to catch it. What about the following page with a piece of blue paper under the punched holes? Can you see the star?

Still no? Take a closer look, really close …

Can you see the hidden star now? Beside the hidden star, there was a square in the ‘R’ letter.

The hidden star may be a security feature but I guess most people will not notice at all.

The R series Australian passport is one of the most beautiful. With a price of AUD $308 a copy, it could also be one of the most expensive.

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