17 Iconic Landscapes featuring in the latest Australian R series Passport

The following are the 17 iconic landscapes featuring in the latest Australian R series Passport.

Sydney Harbour, New South Wales


Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, New South Wales


The Breadknife, Warrumbungle Range, New South Wales


Mount Beerwah, Queensland


Great Barrier Reef, Queensland


Dauar Island & Waier Islet, Queensland


Burrungkuy, Northern Territories


Bungle Bungle Range, Western Australia


Uluru, Northern Territories


Lake Hillier, Western Australia


Wilpena Pound, South Australia


Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre, South Australia


Wineglass Bay, Tasmania


Dove Lake, Tasmania


Twelve Apostles, Victoria


Redman Bluff, Victoria


Hanging Rock, Victoria


Under ultraviolet light, the sky in each image becomes a unique nightscape.

Nightscape of Uluru, Northern Territories


Wanna to see all the nightscapes? Simple, just buy a ticket and visit Down Under. See the landscapes first hand & enjoy your stay!

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