Lard in low temperature

Low Temperature Lard Making

Lard making is a repulsive work. The traditional process is deep-frying fatty pork to extract the oil. As the temperature rises and oil vaporizes, black smoke pollutes the air with its signature smell.

Traditional Lard Making

We now show a low temperature lard making process. The process requires no deep-frying. In this process, once the lard is liquefied, it quickly cools down. As everyone knows, the longer the oil is kept in high temperature, the worse its quality. If we can shorten the high temperature duration in the process, we make better quality lard.

The magic is a steak grill pan. It was designed to separate the oil for healthy cooking and makes the grill pan a perfect cookware in making lard.

Grill Pan

Use induction cooker to heat up the fatty pork slowly. The process would be similar for gas or ceramic hobs. As the pork heats up, oil leaks out in liquid.

Lard MakingLard Making

The liquid oil drains out from the pan and is collected in the oil container.

You can cut the fatty pork into small pieces to speed up the lard extraction process.

Unlike the deep-frying method, it is difficult to extract all the lard from the fatty pork as we use low intensity power. But we get pretty good quantity from the fatty pork. As you can see from the pork left over.

Lard Making

For 600 gram fatty pork, the process can extract about 500ml liquid lard.

Liquid Lard

The low temperature lard making process reduces the black smoke. The level of smoke is similar to pan-frying a steak. A rangehood is able to keep the kitchen clean. If you are using deep-frying in lard making, the large volume black smoke and oily smell owerpower the rangehood and kitchen is full of oily smell for days.

As you can see the 2 bottles of lard in the photo. The bottle on the right contains the initial round and the left bottle contains the latter. The colour is darker. It is because the fatty pork was heated longer to get the oil out in the second round. If you make the lard by deep-fry, the colour would be even darker, which means the lard quality is worse.

After putting the lard in the fridge for a few hours, the golden liquid becomes white solid.



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