3G/4G LTE Router for Home Broadband

Today, I just bought a TP Link Archer MR200 4G LTE Router. It is a perfect solution when the location only has slow internet access, like ADSL. The current 4G mobile internet is fast, with speed up to 150 – 300 Mbps. You can easily attain speed close to 50 Mbps, which is much faster than ADSL internet. The true reason for using mobile internet is because cost is competitive nowadays. Of course, if you are watching a lot of videos, the cost may be high but if you are using for work or social networking, it may be cost effective for choosing mobile internet.

The Archer MR200 Router is simple to setup. All you need to do is to insert the SIM card at the back of the router, connect the power adapter and the two antennas and finally press the power button. You access the internet in seconds after going through the quick setup. (Refer to the Quick Installation Guide in the package)


The router works smoothly and internet surfing is fast on 4G network, even for watching HD movie online. There are several advantages on using 4G LTE Router. It is pure wireless with no cable or wire. You can move easily from one location to another. Take Hong Kong as an example, although Hong Kong’s internet speed is among the fastest in the world, there are old buildings and nearly all village houses without fast internet. The only internet access available is ADSL with speed limit at 8 Mbps. This reality makes mobile broadband an attractive alternative. Similar condition applies for Australia, Canada, U.S. and U.K. Particularly if you are living away from the city. Mobile broadband is more economical than ADSL. In reality, the cost of maintaining a phone line is more expensive than a SIM card.

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