Milk Powder Can Oven

Milk Powder Can Oven is a miniature resemblance of the hawker oven used to bake sweet potatoes. The hawker oven is a big one with charcoal burning below the steel rack full of sweet potatoes.

Charcoal-baked sweet potato is tasty and eating a hot sweet potato in cold winter is hard to resist. Now, you can bake the potato at home by converting a milk powder can into an charcoal oven.

To make your own milk powder can oven, you need to get a milk can as big as possible. The biggest I can find in the market is 2.4kg milk powder can from Nestle.

You need to use screwdriver to drill two rounds of holes close to the bottom of the can (as shown in the photo). The upper round of holes are used for ventilation. The lower holes are used to make a iron wire nest as a stand for burning charcoal. In the middle of the can, you again drill a round of holes to make a food stand. I put a round steam rack on the food stand to hold the food for baking. It can be removed easily to add more charcoal below.

Steam rack was placed on the food stand for easy removal

The oven is simple to make and perfect for baking potatoes. It use charcoal as fuel and is very economical. In general, you can keep the oven at around 200°C (390°F) for 2-3 hours using 70 grams of charcoal and is enough to bake the potatoes. I put the can oven under the rangehood to expel the smoke from burning charcoal. You should keep good ventilation all the time to prevent lack of oxygen. Enjoy the home-made baked sweet potatoes!

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