Mouriya Kobe Steak Restaurant

Mouriya is a 130 year old restaurant in Kobe, one of the best steak restaurants in Kobe. There are a few Mouriya branches around Kobe. The best is the main restaurant, Mouriya Honten. The restaurant is very popular and it is recommended to make reservation in advance. Online reservation is available at Mouriya website.

Mouriya Honten

Mouriya Honten is in downtown Kobe, near Sannomiya station. You can follow the Access directions after arriving at Sannomiya.

When you make the online reservation, I would recommend to request the counter seats that the chef cooks in front of you. Watching the chef’s cooking skills is like a show in its own.

Kobe beef is much more expensive than non Kobe beef of similar quality. The price difference is about 60% or more. If you have a few companions, I would recommend to order both Kobe beef and non Kobe beef so that you can compare their differences.

Kobe fillet steak (top left), sirloin steak (middle) fillet steak (bottom right)

Sirloin steak has much more oil than fillet steak, even though both are marbled. If you enjoy the beef oil and softness, select the sirloin steak. If you like the meat texture and juicy taste, select the fillet.

After you make the order, the show starts shortly.

The chef first asked how you would like the steak and cooked to your preference in teppanyaki style.

Try the beef with a little salt, pepper or wasabi. I think the best is having the steak with no added seasoning. The beef is so soft, juicy and delicious. We ordered the Kobe fillet steak and non Kobe fillet and sirloin steaks. Honestly, all three steaks are excellent. Sirloin steak is very oily and soft. The fillet has less fat with more texture and juicy. It is difficult to tell the difference between Kobe and non Kobe steaks. All are top quality.

Don’t forget to print the discount coupon from Mouriya website and present to the waiter after the meal.

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