Hirokawa Unagi Restaurant (Arashiyama, Kyoto)

Hirokawa is a traditional eel restaurant in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The restaurant locates at a tourist destination and is recommended in Michelin Guide. It is high popular among tourists visiting Arashiyama.

Similar to many other traditional restaurants in Japan, the restaurant is quite small with only 28 seats on the first floor (non reserved) and reserved seats and rooms on the second floor.

A long queue outside the restaurant is formed before its open at 11:30am. If you arrive at 11:30am, you may need to wait 2 hours before being served. It is advised to arrive 1 hour before its open to beat the queue.

The menu is very simple. They only have one main course and that is the grilled eel (unaqi). All you need to choose are how many side dishes you prefer. They also have special set courses with side dishes that are cheaper than you order individually. C-Course (7300 Yen) is a good choice because it includes quite a few side dishes. You can share the side dishes and order grilled eel rice bowls for other companions.

Hirokawa uses local eels only and the food is very delicious. The grilled eel is soft, juicy. the sauce is just right, not too sweet and not salty. The side dishes also taste great.

Kimoyaki (Grilled fresh eel liver)
Koi no arai (Slices of half boiled fresh carp with miso-based dipping sauce)
Yanagawa (Boiled loaches)

Kabayaki (whole grilled eel)
Unagi donburi (small bowl of grilled eel with rice)
Dessert (Tofu)

This restaurant is highly recommended. The food is very good. The grilled eel and side dishes are delicious. The service is good. Most customers are quick for their meals and leave the seats for others in the long queue.


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