Smart Electric Kettle for Sous Vide

Xiaomi released a smart electric kettle last year for HK$249. The kettle design is simple and elegant. The control panel is concealed touch buttons. The external body is white with insulation material. The inner surface was made of food grade stainless steel (Grade 304).

The kettle has bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. You can use your smartphone to monitor and control the kettle. The Kettle’s inner bottom has a probe to measure the water temperature. 12-hour timer is available. User can set the water temperature between 40°C to 90°C and keep warm for maximum 12 hours.

Touch Control Panel
Temperature Probe

The temperature fluctuation is +/- 5°C, which means if you set the temperature at 65°C, the actual water temperature fluctuates between 60°C to 70°C.

Smartphone Control & Monitor

The Kettle internal firmware can be updated via your smartphone. This enable Xiaomi to improve the kettle after sales.

At first glance, the Xiaomi Smart Electric Kettle is just an ordinary kettle. But it is actually a coarse grade sous vide (slow cooking) device. A good sous vide device can keep the temperature variation within 1°C. This Kettle keeps the temperature variation around 10°C. Although it is not as accurate as a true sous vide device, it is good enough for home use. The kettle capacity is 1.5L for water boiling. The capacity allows cooking 1.5 lbs meat. It is enough for a small family.

For HK$249, you have a electric kettle and a coarse grade sous vide device. It is an attractive deal!

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