Making Sour Cream at Home

Sour Cream is delicious and an indispensable ingredient for baked potato and Mexican nachos.

Sour cream is another easy to make, expensive to buy product. If you compare the ingredients of yogurt and sour cream, you will notice they are pretty much identical. However, ready-made sour cream has added artificial ingredients that some people may considered unhealthy.

Yogurt ingredients
Sour cream ingredients

To make sour cream, you need Greek Yogurt, lemon juice and salt as ingredients. Refer to Making Greek Yogurt at Home for home-made Greek yogurt.

Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and little salt with Greek yogurt.

Frozen lemon juice & Himalayan pink salt

The amount of lemon juice and salt depends on your preference.

Vinegar can be used as lemon juice substitute.

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