Where to buy the best Custard Moon Cake in Hong Kong

Moon Cake is a traditional food for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Custard Moon Cake is modern variant and highly popular in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Custard Moon Cake was created in 1987 at the Peninsula Hotel group in Hong Kong. The creator is Chef Yip Yun Fat (葉潤發師傅). It was an instant success and now many bakeries in Hong Kong make the custard moon cake for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In the past, custard moon cake made by the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong was considered the best. The demand is so high that long queue was formed at the hotel at the launch day and the moon cake was sold out in hours. That was history. Today, if you are looking for best custard moon cake, you may need to look past the Peninsula.

Chef Yip retired from the Peninsula few years ago. After his retirement, he first worked in Patisserie La Lune and then moved on to create his own gourmet shop called Luna 15 Gourmet. Patisserie La Lune and Luna 15 Gourmet make awesome custard moon cake following Chef Yip’s recipe. Today, if you are trying to buy the best custard moon cake, you should seriously consider Luna 15 Gourmet. Luna 15 Gourmet also have moon cake class teaching how to make its famous custard moon cake. You can learn the process and make your own at home.

Both Patisserie La Lune and Luna 15 Gourmet are unknown to the general public. Like a Michelin restaurant, its glory follows the chef. If you are looking for the best custard moon cake, the custard moon cake created by Chef Yip should be the number one choice.

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